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Horde Recruiting    
Hordes is currently recruiting the following:
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Horde Mail Box    
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Horde's Members Needs    
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    Horde was created in 2009 and has quickly become the largest social leveling guild on Nesingwary. Today we are now trying to take our guild into a new direction into Progressive raid. We are looking for members to help will out our first ten man core team.

    Are you having trouble getting your gear or trying to figure out what gems and enchants to use, I would strongly recommend looking at Elite Jerks. The info that you will find is more then enough to get you raid ready.

Guild Rules are as followed:

  1. Do not sign up for a raid or guild event if you are not 100% sure you can make it. This indicates that you will be there and we count on you to be there. If you are not sure please put down that you are tentative. This lets us know that you want to come but are not sure you can make it so we wont count on you to fill that slot. If you sign up and do not show for the event, it will be an automatic kick from the guild.
  2. The Guild bank is there for you to use at your leisure. this means that if there is an item in there that YOU CAN USE feel free to take it out and use it. Do NOT however take items that you cant use. This means if you have a druid and you pull out a mail or plate item it will be considered stealing from the guild. This will be an automatic kick from the guild.
  3. Do not spam guild chat or beg for gold under an circumstance. This also means trade chat as well. This will be a warning and boot from the guild.
  4. Do not troll.
  5. Finally do not bring your drama to the guild.

Thing you will need to raid:
    You will need to have both vent and Deadly Boss Mods. in order to join a raid. If you DO NOT have them in a raid you will be kicked from the raid. If you join a raid again and do not have it you will be kicked from the guild. This add on are not optional.
  • For Cata raid you need to have Deadly Boss Mods if you do not you can download it here.
  • For Warth of the Lick King you will need Deadly Boss Mods (Vanilla, BC, WotLK) Version that u can download here.
  • For all raid you need to have Vent. Even If you do not have a Mic you will still need to hear how to do the fights. To download vent Click here.
  • All Healers will need to have Healbot. You can download it here.
  • All DPS will need to have omen meter. you can download it here.
Guild chat    
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
Server Status    
Nesingwary (PvE)
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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